If Your Phone Falls into the Water


If Your Phone Falls into the Water

A mobile phone that enters a liquid is a fairly common cause of malfunctions. if your phone falls into the water? Most violations in the operation of this device begin with the entry of moisture inside. Of course, the severity of the breakdown will depend on the type of liquid, how long its contact with the microcircuits lasted and whether the mobile phone was turned on. Did your phone fall into the water and not turn on? We will solve the problem immediately. While your mobile "device" has decided to "swim", the first thing that affects microphones, speakers and circuits. And the nature of the breakdown depends directly on the model and manufacturer.

If Your Phone Falls into the Water

What could threaten the entry of water into the phone? So what awaits you: sticky keyboard; battery failures; the metal parts begin to rust; the screen flashes; speaker boxes etc. In other words, if you do not take the necessary measures in the first minutes, then repairing your phone after water is inevitable. Why can't I turn on my cell phone? Water, as you know, is a great conductor for electricity. When you try to turn on the device, an electrical signal will be sent, the water will pick it up and short-circuit all microcircuits. There will be a short circuit and all circuits will fail permanently. It is also necessary to remember that water is a good oxidizing agent, and with additional exposure to electricity, the corrosion processes of metals only intensify.

If your phone falls into the water? The first step is to remove the battery. Under no circumstances should you try to check that the phone is working by trying to turn it on. To remove the most effective liquid from the mobile phone case, you need to "release" it as much as possible: remove all panels, remove the battery, and remove the SIM card and the additional memory card (flash card). Shaking the mobile phone is not desirable: some contacts may fall. The phone must be dry, but in no case hot air from a hair dryer. A hot heating coil will not work either. Under a constant flow of high temperatures, delicate microcircuits can begin to melt. Any hair dryer has the functions of cold air, so it is ideal. If there is no possibility of drying with an air flow,

If your phone falls into the water? The rule is this. Many have heard about the ability of rice to absorb moisture, especially housewives. They know that the availability of grains symbolizes their size, which due to water increases by at least one and a half times. We need a container with a lid. Pour ordinary rice into it and put the mobile phone from which the case is removed. Close the lid and forget for a few days (minimum). The rice absorbs the remaining moisture that remained in the phone even after you try to blow it with a warm stream of air from the hair dryer. This is just an answer to the question "what to do if the phone fell into the water".

If the mobile phone does not work after simple procedures, then in the near future show it to the service center commander. He will determine the exact cause of the failure and try to bring the device back to life by replacing important parts.

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