How do you Prevent Nail Polish from Flaking?

How do you Prevent Nail Polish from Flaking

A lick of nail polish has its 'best before date', of course, but there are a few remedies you can use to keep it smooth and shiny for as long as possible.

Good preparation is half the job!

A few simple steps for a brilliant result...

How do you Prevent Nail Polish from Flaking?

  • Start with nails that are totally spotless and documented to the ideal shape. Make them without fat by absorbing them a vinegar shower for a couple of moments. This ensures a nice and even adhesion of the paint. You can also use a cotton swab soaked in vinegar if you work thoroughly.
  • Roll the nail polish jar firmly between your hands rather than shaking it so that no air bubbles form. When there are air bubbles in the nail polish, it adheres less well, making it easier to peel off. 
  • Are you not yet a 'pro' in applying nail polish and do you dare to paint outside the lines? Then first apply some Vaseline to the strip of skin along your nails with a cotton swab. The nail polish that ends up on it won't stick to your skin and you can easily wipe it off after painting without ruining your painted nails.
  • Once the vinegar has completely dried, apply a base coat. It will hold the lacquer you put on it longer. Using a transparent topcoat prevents pigments from penetrating into the top layer of your nail plate. They can leave a yellowish discoloration on your nail plate when you remove the polish. 
  • Then apply a thin coat of nail polish and extend it over the entire length of the nail, over the edge. A full coverage ensures that you are less likely to tear or break the painted nail. Start at the cuticle and draw continuous lines towards the tip of your nail.
  • Dark polish makes your nails look shorter, light pastels or skin tones make your nails look longer.
  • Apply a second and possibly a third thin layer until your nail is completely hidden under the varnish and the varnish is no longer transparent.
  • Finish the paint with a top coat. It is a protective layer that makes the paint crumble less quickly and it gives a nice shine. 
  • Finally, give the nail polish a cold shower. When the polish is completely dry, run your nails under cold water to further strengthen the polish.

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