What are the Best Smartwatches in 2021?


What are the Best Smartwatches in 2021

Do you like your smartphone? Give him a connected watch! Also called smartwatch, this luxury accessory has indeed become a real complement to your mobile phone. A connected watch thus alerts you when you receive a new text message or call, while your smartphone is off or in your pocket. It also allows you to search the Internet, locate your position or find a route via its GPS, program your musical playlists. It's also a great activity tracker that tracks and analyzes your fitness and sleep through multiple sensors. Finally, some of them have the capacity to make direct payments.

Of course, these are watches. So they tell the time and act as an alarm clock. Most of the current models are wonderful adornments for your wrist. They compete and often outperform analog models.


The best smartwatches at a glance:

Which connected watch to buy in 2021?


1. Apple Watch SE

An accessible watch, surprisingly impressive to wear.

Apple Watch SE Best Smartwatche


Operating system: watch OS 7Compatibility: iOS Screen: 1.78 inch OLE Processor: Apple S5Storage: 32 GB Battery life: up to 24 hours Charging method: wireless Sealing: yes Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE

The reveal of the Apple Watch SE came as a real surprise. Like the new iPad Air 2020 compared to the more expensive iPad Pro, the Watch SE comes with almost all the key features you want in an Apple Watch, but at a much lower price point than the Watch 6.

There are a host of useful features on the Apple Watch SE that will be particularly appealing to those who hitherto evolved with a Watch 3. Major additions that will allow you to more effectively track your constant health - and which are quickly becoming the main reason for 'buy this watch. The new sound level meter, first of all, warns you when the sound volume in your environment turns out to be too loud. Sleep monitoring, then, is a mode considered essential today. It is also present on any Apple Watch capable of supporting watchOS 7.

The Apple Watch SE seems like a great option for an elderly parent whose well-being you might want to watch. Being able to receive alerts in the event of a fall, or warnings as soon as a heart rhythm abnormality appears, will bring some peace of mind to worried loved ones. Add to that a larger screen, 40mm / 44mm, thanks to a slimmer bezel, and you've got a top-notch companion for senior users.


2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung is setting the record straight.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 best smartwatch


Operating System: Tizen OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Screen: Super AMOLED 1.2 or 1.4 inch 360 x 360Processor: Dual Core 1.15 GHz Storage: 8 GB Battery life: 3 days on the 45mm model (less on the 41mm)Charging method: wireless Sealing: yes Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE (additional charge)



+Top quality design

+The rotating ring still very useful



-The battery could be more efficient

-High price

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 3 provides a complete pack of fitness and health tools. It introduces, among other things, an electrocardiogram (which will be activated shortly) and the detection of falls and accidents that may affect the wearer. If you are looking for a sporty but also elegant watch, this is a must-have choice in 2021.

The best smartwatch facing Apple Watch that one can buy right now is Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3. It is also the company's most successful wristwatch to date. A direct follow-up to the Galaxy Watch of 2018, it retains many of the latter's design elements, with a general appearance that still has the merit of being refined.

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a unique rotating ring which makes navigation very pleasant for the user. Switching between menus and apps to the next has never been so smooth (and pleasing to the ear with a barely audible click). The park of applications available on the watch is more limited than on Wear OS or watchOS - two rival operating systems of the Samsung smartwatch - but it still offers all the essential services. At least for those looking to improve their fitness and a direct addition to their smartphone.

Of course, if you own an iPhone, you will end up with more restricted functions than on an Android smartphone. However, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a model eminently compatible with Apple's mobile flagships.


3. Apple Watch 6

More colors, more sensors, the best performing Apple Watch yet.

Apple Watch 6 best smartwatch


Operating system: watchOS 7Compatibility: iOS Screen: 1.78 inch OLED Processor: Apple S6Storage: 32 GB Autonomy: 18 hours Charging method: wireless Water resistance: yes, up to 50 m Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE



+A more powerful chip

+Permanent display

+New sublime red color


-The battery and some sensors need to be consolidated

The Watch 6 is a pretty surprising upgrade to the Apple smartwatch series, in that on the outside it differs weakly from the Watch 5 (or even Watch 4). The main developments lie at the heart of the watch itself, with the ultimate more powerful S6 chip. This component improves battery life (but it's still not enough) and offers new gadgets like a SpO2 sensor that measures blood oxygen levels. Even if it does not venture to communicate on it, the company seeks to design a health-oriented watch that is most practical.

In the surprises granted by the company, we also have an altimeter. And then a screen that becomes two and a half times brighter under the sun. So you will never miss a notification while hiking.

It's also the child prodigy of watchOS 7, which introduces the tracking of barrier gestures - such as hand washing control -, the monitoring of your sleep and an incredible number of themes to personalize your watch as much as possible.


4. Fitbit Versa 3

The best Fitbit smartwatch will help you maintain your fitness.


Operating System: Fitbit OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Screen: 1.58 inch AMOLED Storage: N / A Autonomy: up to 6 days Charging method: magnetic dock sealing: yes Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC



+Integrated gps

+Light and comfortable

+Nice screen



-Spotify cannot be accessed offline

Fitbit has finally solved the biggest problem with its Versa watches: the lack of a built-in GPS. It is now a thing of the past and you can now trace your routes for races or walks, without having to hold your smartphone nearby. The screen of the Versa 3, larger and truly magnificent, is a second leap forward compared to the Versa 2. You also have multiple fitness and health sensors, like the SpO2 monitoring which monitors your blood oxygen level just like on the latest Apple Watch. All for a relatively affordable price.

The performance of the Versa 3 is not lacking in appeal. Battery life is around six days with a dark screen, but it drops to half if you have always-on display enabled. The heart rate monitor is now more accurate and you get two voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant) for the price of one, since the very recent firmware update by Fitbit.


5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Outward sign of wealth.


Operating System: TizenOS Compatibility: Android, iOS Screen: 1.2 inch (360 x 360), Super AMOLED Processor: 1.15 GHz dual core Storage: 4 GB Autonomy: about 2 days Charging method: wireless Sealing: yes Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth



+Premium design

+Easy to use

+The screen is sublime



-Few features given its high price

-Limited compatibility with iOS

Samsung has concentrated the best of its previous watches to release a smartwatch that is sportier, thinner, lighter and much more comfortable for its user. This connected watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, has evolved further recently, with a second generation also including a rotating circular ring which makes navigation much more precise between the various Tizen applications.

The volume of these does not increase or little. The premium guarantee of the tools offered saves the day, in particular the 39 available training modes as well as the heart rate, sleep and stress sensors, brilliant of finesse.

But the strong point of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is obviously its Super AMOLED screen, larger compared to previous models. Viewing the follow-ups as the time is most enjoyable and is sure to grab the attention of your neighbors. It is also possible to play YouTube videos with good definition.

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