The Research Network


Research Network

The research network designates within the framework of a sponsored links program and in particular on the Adwords program, all the advertising spaces or the commercial links are displayed on a result page linked to a query.

 Research Network

Most of the postings linked to the search network are generally found on the results pages of the engine behind the program (Google for the Adwords program) and on the associated search engines (Google Shopping, Google images, Google Earth, etc.


The commercial links can also be found on delocalized search pages on sites taking again the functionalities of the engine the sites using the Google search engine constitute what Google calls the partners of research.


On the search network, an advertisement is displayed only if the request includes the keyword "bought" by the advertiser according to the targeting methods chosen.


The search network is generally distinguished from the display or content network.


The choice of display networks for an Adwords campaign:

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