The Best 5 Methods to Straighten Hair


5 Best Methods to Straighten Hair: advantages and disadvantages

Now the hairdresser, cosmetics and household goods store offer ample opportunity to style your hair smooth and silky. Which hair straightening method is better and safer? Which ad should not be trusted? We understand this article.


Method 1. Straightener with hair straightener

Since the advent of the hair straightener (hair styler), it has undoubtedly played a leading role in smoothing out naughty curls. The advantages of this method are obvious:


  • the cost of ironing is relatively low, averaging 2,000 rubles, and has been using it for some time;
  • you can use the rectifier at any time, there is no need to enter the salon;
  • relatively fast hair straightening;
  • the well-chosen style is not adversely affected by the curls.

But there are disadvantages :

  • very often the use of iron is not recommended - it has a negative effect on the structure of the hair;
  • the effect of straightening the hair with ironing is not long-term: rain or only increased humidity, hair washing restores the hair to its original condition;
  • it is very difficult to straighten hair with a curly hair, you should also use cosmetics that make your hair attractive;
  • low quality models can ruin your hair, even if they are rarely used.

Trichologists (doctors who treat diseases of the hair and scalp) recommend that you do not save on a quality hair straightener:

  • you need to choose a model that can control the temperature - and try to set the temperature to no more than 180 degrees. The higher-temperature is damaged more hair. Buy the best tourmaline or Teflon coated hair straightener with moisturizing and ionization features.
  • never dry wet hair.
  • use restorative and care products for hair.
  • warn that straightening products do not provide 100% protection when straightened by ironing (although they do help to preserve the hair). Still, it doesn't matter to them.

Evaluation of the best hair straighteners


Method 2. Hair straightening

This method involves straightening the hair with a special chemical composition that is applied to the hair and then washed after the curls have been treated with a special fixing solution and washed thoroughly again. Advantages of the procedure :

  • hair straightening is considered constant, i.e., hair always remains straight (except, of course, for growing roots);
  • the cost of obtaining permanently straight hair is between 6 and 20 thousand rubles. depending on the length.

Disadvantages :

  • the procedure has a number of contraindications, such as hypertension, seborrhea, inadequate metabolism, etc., during pregnancy and the postpartum period;
  • the negative effect of this method on the hair is enormous, as the chemical composition contains either sodium hydroxide (a strong alkaline substance) or guanidine hydroxide (hair drier) or ammonium thioglycolate, which also destroys the structure of the hair;
  • The permanent procedure is relative because the hair grows, which means it has to be adjusted over and over again.

Special need to distinguish between the hair keratin straightening , incorporated technology into the hair to chemical. According to manufacturers and artisans, the main composition of the rectifier is liquid keratin. When applied to the hair, it fills the damaged and damaged areas, turns into a protective layer and gives the hair evenness and shine. In fact, keratin cannot straighten hair, but also added to the composition of the cosmetic product as a moisturizer. The main active ingredients are the same aldehydes, mainly formaldehyde, which destroys the bisulfide bridges in the hair. Instead of keratin, which manufacturers say fills damaged areas of hair, silicone is used, which makes the curly surface even, elastic and shiny. 

That is, “keratin straightening” is the same chemical, only called differently. Japanese hair straightening is also chemical in nature. Usually, when you straighten keratin, the operation promises you a longer period of time - however, it usually damages your hair the more. Gentle devices have a short validity period (for example, one month). The best cosmetic brands of "keratin" straightening:Brazil Blowout, Bombshell Keratin, Cadiveu, Indola . If the master uses only cheap products ( Coco C hoco is the most popular in Russia ), do not trust his hair.

Opinions on chemical hair straightening are very mixed. The first impressions of girls and women (if straightened correctly) are usually enthusiastic. The hair looks amazing after the procedure. The disappointment comes later - when the product is washed out of the hair - and then it turns out that the hair is damaged. There are quite a fantastic picture on the English internet - what can be abused by abusing this method. This is especially true for black women - particularly powerful tools are used to balance the curls. For example:

Therefore, if you decide on chemical (keratin, Japanese, Brazilian, etc.) hair straightening, be prepared to have to repeat the procedure regularly - which is usually suitable for many of us - or treat and restore your hair. So choose the most gentle composition for your experiment, with a short validity period - and a proven experienced master.

A few words about choosing a hairdresser. The cost of "keratin" straightening is quite high and (depending on the composition and length of the hair) means thousands of rubles. That’s why hairdressers advertise this procedure as very lucrative - they make good money on it. Be careful when choosing a salon - read your reviews, ask your friends, don’t look for a cheaper master. The desire to save money can lead to an inexperienced hairdresser ruining your hair with a poor quality composition.

Method 3. Hair straightening with hair dryer and hair dryer

Not too curly hair can be perfectly smooth with a hair dryer, a comb or a hair dryer. Wet hair should be treated with foam or gel, combed with a strand from top to bottom, and dried in a cold air mode with a hair dryer. It is desirable for the hair dryer to have an ionization function. The fibers must be thin for the method to work.



  • a relatively harmless process, especially when performed with a stream of cold air;
  • the hair dryer is small, averaging 1,500 rubles. Foam or gel is also inexpensive;
  • there is no contraindication to this straightening.

Disadvantages include:

  • the procedure is quite long;
  • the effect lasts only in dry weather, in rain the style loses its appearance;
  • very curly hair cannot be straightened in this way, only a slight wave can be achieved.

As a stylish cosmetic product, we recommend the use of glossy chestnuts from Gliss Kur cream.

The best hair dryer


Method 4. Straightening with cosmetics

Shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays and creams make hair smooth for a short time.



  • Cosmetics don't change the structure of hair.
  • easy to apply during or after shampooing; there is no need to spend much time on the procedure.


  • cosmetics do not tolerate very curly hair;
  • some products straighten the hair because silicone is present in their composition, which makes the hair harder, thereby straightening;
  • the average price of cosmetics is 500-700 rubles. For example, a spray bottle is usually enough for about a month;
  • some products also contain substances that can damage the hair

The best cosmetics according to customers are Toni & Guy Straight & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner (200-400 rubles), Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Smoothing Serum (1000 rubles), Redken Line Smooth Down (Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Grooming Protection) .


Method 5. Folk remedies

Quite a controversial issue is hair straightening folk medicines. Some suggest you make a little sweetened tea (1 teaspoon of sugar in 1 cup of tea) and rinse your hair with this solution. Others recommend the use of oil-based masks and wraps: castra, burdock, olive oil. Others even advise you to dry your hair not with a hair dryer but naturally.

Of course, if these methods work, their effects are short-lived. For example, for people with very curly hair, natural drying does not work.


What is the good way to straighten your hair?

Every woman should choose the best way to straighten her hair. Many speak well of straightening hair with a comb and a foam, others have praised ironing, and others are very happy with the chemical method. In any case, you should always buy only high-quality tools (irons, hair dryers) and well-proven cosmetics. If you decide on chemical straightening, make sure the master is professional and uses only high quality products in his work.



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