Personalized Landing Page


Personalized Landing Page

As its name suggests, a personalized landing page is a landing page that includes personalization elements.

Personalized landing pages are mainly used as part of an email marketing campaign since it is necessary to have elements on the recipient that allow personalization.


The personalization of the landing page makes it possible to increase the conversion rate through the classic psychological effects of personalization (nominative reception for example) and by the possibility of possibly individualizing the commercial offer.


The personalized landing page is also a way to speed up and simplify the response process when using pre-filled forms. On the landing page, especially in a B2B lead nurturing context using, for example, webinars or white papers.

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Personalized landing pages are also referred to by the initial PURL for "Personalized Uniform Resource Locator" or "personalized URL" since it is the use of a unique URL per recipient that makes it possible to offer personalized content and not the use of 'a cookie


In the example below, the landing page is personalized by a nominative welcome and by the use of a pre-completed form.


A PURL is an acronym used for "Personalized Uniform Resource Locator or" Custom URL.

This is a unique and personalized URL which allows its user to access a landing page which is also personalized (nominative reception, pre-filled fields, personalized promotion, etc.). The personalized URL makes it possible to optimize conversion rates for online marketing actions (email) but is also of great interest for paper / web combinations.

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