Landing Page Optimization


Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization, or landing page, is the process of optimizing the page on which a visitor arrives from clicking on an advertising element (Adwords, display, affiliation, etc.), an organic result or an E-mail.

Landing page optimization is a very important element to promote conversion. This optimization approach is particularly important in the context of commercial link campaigns (Adwords) where it is a question of converting traffic often acquired at a high price. In this context, it must ensure conversion and promote the quality score.

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When the landing page receives visitors from search engines, it must also fulfil an SEO optimization mission.

Apart from the implementation of the basic principles to be applied when creating a landing page, the optimization process is generally done using tests to measure the impact of variables (AB tests or tests multivariate).

A presentation on the optimization of landing pages in the context (SEO / SEA):

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