How to Publish a book or an eBook on Amazon?

How to Publish a book or an eBook on Amazon?

The Internet has enabled a million possibilities for various trades. If you are a novelist who has just finished your very first book, how do you get it out there? You should know that publishing a book on Amazon is one of the best ways to get started quickly and make yourself known. So how do you publish a book on Amazon? To help you achieve your first bestseller and many more, Amazon allows you to self-publish. A very practical way to promote your book, without having to hire a service provider to organize everything. To get there better, here are the steps you need to follow.


How to publish a book on Amazon? Create an Amazon KDP account, the first step


KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing is a self- publishing platform offered by Amazon. It allows you to publish and sell e-books or paper books. If its presentation already seems attractive to you, what are the advantages offered by this platform which offers to publish a book on Amazon?

The Advantages of Amazon KDP

  • Publishing your book on Amazon KDP has many advantages:
  • Amazon KDP is free, you don't have to pay any fees to register,
  • Amazon KDP relieves you of any research for funding, publishing house, etc.
  • Amazon KDP does not assess whether your book is worth publishing or not,
  • Amazon KDP allows you to maintain control over the publication of your book: description, content, the choice of category, price, etc.
  • Amazon KDP offers the possibility of creating an author page for free,
  • Amazon KDP allows you to view your sales and popularity statistics in real time,
  • Amazon KDP lets your book appear in its 24-hour Kindle Store alongside great authors, accessible anywhere in the world.

There are therefore many reasons that can convince you to publish your book on Amazon KDP. This platform is both practical and accessible, not to mention the fact that you will not have to pay anything to sell your book.


The steps to subscribe to Amazon KDP

To sign up for Amazon KDP, you need to follow a few steps. You have to:

  • Go to the platform and click on “Create your KDP account  ",
  • Enter your name,
  • Enter your email,
  • Enter a password and confirm it.

Nothing complicated, you will then follow the steps that will be indicated to you. Once you've signed up, you can move on to publishing your book on Amazon. But for that again, there are some steps which you must respect.

Throughout this registration, you may be asked for tax information. This is in order to manage taxes and for the payment of royalties once the sale of your book is initiated.


Publishing a book on Amazon: the steps for publishing

Even though publishing a book on Amazon is free, that doesn't mean it's easy. You must therefore think of every detail before integrating it on Amazon's KDP. Did you finish your book well? Have you ever ironed out typos or spelling mistakes? These are just as many problems that you must ask yourself. Once all of this is done, you can move on to the next step.

In order to offer quality products, Amazon imposes the same principles as other articles for books. You must therefore ensure that your book is:

  • Easy to read,
  • Filled with quality content (syntax errors will not be accepted),
  • Interesting, etc.

Submission of his book for publication

The publication of a book on Amazon is to import your book on KDP. That said, there are some settings you need to consider in order for this file import to run smoothly. As a general rule, this online edition takes place in 3 very distinct stages: 

  • Information about the book,
  • Importing content,
  • Law and price.

We will detail the important elements relating to these steps below. It is indeed essential to understand them in order to be able to follow them scrupulously.


● Adding the book

  • Kindle eBook: if you want to sell an eBook.
  • Or Paperback: if you want to publish a paper book.

If you want to publish an e-book and a paper book at the same time, you have to do two things, as if you were going to publish two different books. However, the information is exactly the same. Once all the steps are finalized, you can finally link the paper book and the digital book.


The possibility of choosing a specialized format

If you also need formats other than Kindle eBook and Paperback, you have more options. Amazon provides you with 3 software allowing you to perform specific formatting. This is particularly the case for books to be read on electronic binders, children's books or comics. These software can be used on Mac or Windows.

So far, nothing complicated. Everything is done in a very intuitive way. The handling remains fluid and you can complete this step in no time.


      Provide the necessary information about the book

Then you need to provide the information related to your book. Here are the steps that will follow:

  • The title: you must put the title and the subtitle. Consider putting the potential keyword there and making them catchy.
  • The description of your book: is a very important element. This is the first indication that presents your book. It is in their interest to capture the attention and encourage people to want to see the sequel.
  • The edition number: nothing could be simpler. Is this your first edition or the 10 th , etc. If there are literary sagas, you must enter volume or serial numbers.
  • The name of the author: take care to fill in the boxes correctly,
  • Possible contributors: they can be other authors, translators, or other people who must be associated with your book,
  • The book publication rights: no need to worry, just check the boxes to the realities that come to you. If you self-edit, you own the publishing rights.
  • The keywords of your book to publish on Amazon: there are several lines to fill in and you can put about 7 keywords per line,
  • The choice of sections: here, you choose the category that most closely resembles the subject you are dealing with in your book.
  • The age range and educational level of target customers: you will choose the minimum and maximum age of those who can read your book, who it is for.
  • The ISBN: to here to enter the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). If you have written your book in French, you can obtain the ISBN from afnil (French-speaking agency for the international numbering of books),
  • The publication date: if the book is to be published for the first time, nothing should be filled in, if not, indicate the first publication date of the book in question.

That's not all, but it's basically the information about the book. There are still other important steps you need to complete.


    Book printing options:

If this is your first time publishing a book on Amazon, this step might seem a little overwhelming. However, nothing scary. When you are too hesitant, you can always go for the default format, which is the most selected. You will then have to choose:

  • The type of ink and paper,
  • The size of the cup,
  • The type of bleed and,
  • The finishing of the cover.

If one of these terms seems difficult to you, there will be explanations to consult as you go through the process.


    Loading the manuscript:

This step is for importing your book to Amazon. The procedure remains the same, whether it is for an eBook or a traditional book. You only need to format it in the correct and desired format. To check that your book is loaded on the platform, you will have a green indication.


    Loading the cover:

For the cover of your book, if you already have a suitable image made by yourself, all you have to do is upload it. However, care must be taken to ensure that the size is suitable. It is also necessary that the image is not protected by copyright.

If you don't have a blanket ready yet, Amazon has a dedicated “Blanket Creator” feature available to you. You just need to follow the required steps. Remember that this book cover should be attractive, showcase your book summary, etc.


    The cost of printing and delivery:

In order to have the cost of printing your book, you need to fill in some information. This price can vary significantly depending on the size of your book, the types of printouts, the size of the book for digital delivery, your geographic location (country), etc.


    The right to broadcast:

These are royalties you owe after your book is published on Amazon. It varies depending on whether it's a traditional book you publish or an e-book.


    The price at which the book will be sold on Amazon:

Setting a price for your work is not easy, because its value can be based on very personal reasons. Either way, you need to be fair in your estimation. You have to take into account the format, the topic covered in the book, etc.


       Request for proofs before publication of the book on Amazon:

This step mainly means that you can order it yourself. Once your request is initiated, Amazon will send you a purchase link which will be temporary. This allows you to have copies shipped to you, and will expire within 24 hours. Once the book is delivered to you, it will be provided with a banner indicating that it is not intended for sale.


The deadline for publishing his book on Amazon

Once you have completed all of these steps, all you have to do is wait for your book to be published on Amazon. The wait can be from 24 to 48 hours depending on the case, within 72 hours at most. You should know that this process is more accessible and faster for people who are already Amazon customers.

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