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Google Ads  Adwords Quality Score

The Quality Score is a measure of the quality of campaigns and ads created under the Google Ads Sponsored Links program. The optimization of the Quality Score is a very important element of the effectiveness of the campaigns because it allows to lower the CPC and therefore, most often, the costs and volumes of acquisition.

Indeed, it is the combination of the maximum bid chosen by an advertiser and the Quality Score (CPC X Quality Score) which gives the position of an advertisement for a given keyword. The Quality Score also conditions the presence of a minimum bid amount for the ad to appear. Thus an advertisement benefiting from a bad Quality Score will be imposed a minimum bidding threshold which is often penalizing.

In practice, the Google Ads platform measuring different Quality Scores:

  • at the ads for each keyword
  • by network (search and display Adsense Network)
  • at the campaign and account

The quality level is expressed by a score out of 10.

Although the formula for calculating the Quality Score is not known, its main components are known, which are for the search network:

  • The click-through rate obtained by an advertisement
  • The correspondence between the keywords purchased and the keywords used in the ad
  • The quality of the landing page (presence of the keywords purchased in the landing page and loading time of this page).
  • past performance of the account and the campaign

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