Container Crane Simulator

Container Crane Simulator

Increase operator productivity and develop safe lifting practices with the Container Crane Simulator.

Container Crane Simulator

The Vortex Container Crane Simulator provides all the tools needed to train operators to reach safety and productivity standards faster.

This simulator training module covers the skills needed to work on vessels of all sizes, so it helps develop efficient operators by enabling them to acquire skills that they can transfer in a safe environment, at all times and in all weather conditions.


Features of Container Crane Simulator

Simulator training, real skills

The Vortex Container Crane Simulator Training Program focuses on the development of skills and knowledge necessary to conduct effective operations. By calibrating skills, evaluating trainees, presenting objective and personalized reports, this simulation training module ensures a smooth transition from training to operations at the terminal:

  • Progressive learning programs ranging from familiarization with skills to advanced loading and unloading techniques
  • Many load types ranging from 20 'and 45' containers to general cargo and liquid storage tanks
  • Realistic interactions between terminal and traffic and between machines
  • The instructor can integrate mechanical faults as well as modify the time, weather conditions and wind.


Realistic simulation

The Vortex container crane simulator training module exactly replicates the behavior of the equipment, based on loading charts and crane manufacturers' specifications. It simulates the following components:

  • Gantry, carriage and boom movement
  • Dual Articulation System (20ft, 40ft, 45ft containers, full mission based on team and multiple team scenarios and over height containers)
  • Lifting and rigging system
  • Handling of goods
  • Integration with the equipment control system


Flexible training and assessment

The Container Crane Simulator offers flexible setting options that allow training to be tailored to your needs:

  • Exercise Creator: Add unlimited number of training exercises based on changing training needs
  • Crane performance: Adjust and tune cranes to specific capacities (acceleration, maximum speed, positioning dead zone)
  • Assessment: Establish your assessment criteria for each training exercise, or use the individually defined assessment criteria


Full range of training solutions

From unloading crane and pedestal crane to stacker and other load handling equipment, we offer a wide range of training simulators for terminal and port equipment that can be run on a single hardware platform.


Container Trolley Simulator

Provide cargo handlers with the training they need to increase their productivity using the Container Truck Simulator.


Container Trolley Simulator

Container carrier truck simulator

The Vortex Container Handler Simulator allows trainees to learn how to operate the equipment and learn more quickly. As the practical training period is longer, trainees report to port without compromising the safety and efficiency of daily operations. Find out why ports and terminals around the world are using Vortex simulators.


Features of Container Truck Simulator

Competency-based training

Using the container truck simulator, trainees learn to use your equipment safely and efficiently, as well as to master processes and traffic. The skills acquired during training by a Vortex simulator apply directly to the actual equipment.

  • Progressive learning program
  • Comprehensive start-up and preparation procedures
  • Many container types including 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers as well as over height containers
  • The trainees are challenged by simulations of realistic climatic conditions and failures.


Realistic simulation

The Container Truck Simulator displays the behavior of the actual equipment. It models all major mechanical components to manufacturer specifications, accelerating skill development. It simulates:


  • Equipment speed, weight, acceleration and forces
  • Boom configuration for five containers high in the first row and four high in the second and third rows
  • Methods for skeleton trailer and an interchangeable trailer for container delivery and unloading
  • Automatic and manual spreader modes
  • Integration with the equipment control system


Meets specific user needs

CM Labs offer flexible configuration options for the Container Truck Simulator that allow the vehicle simulation to be fine-tuned according to the needs and capabilities of the customer's equipment.


Equipment training modules

From unloading crane and pedestal crane to stacker and other load handling equipment, we offer a wide range of training simulators for terminal and port equipment that can be run on a single hardware platform.

Realistic simulators are an effective tool for evaluating apprentices in training, both from the point of view of efficiency and safety. By following essential metrics throughout the training scenario, the instructor can review statistical data at the end of the job, allowing for reviews and submission of detailed after action reports.

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