Best Sofa Bed Comparison | Buying Guide

Best Sofa Bed Comparison Buying Guide

The Best sofa beds are divided into two categories: The convertible sofa for click-clack mattresses is ideal for welcoming friends, family or for setting up a studio or a house. For occasional, regular or daily use, it represents a significant investment that requires thinking about your needs in terms of sleeping, space to unfold the bench and interior fittings.

Best Sofa Bed Comparison | Buying Guide

Will the sofa bed serve as a daily seat? What is the area of   the room in which it will be installed? Will I sleep there every day? These questions should be taken into account in order to choose the best sofa bed.


The different types of convertible sofas

The convertible sofa is part of the mechanical furniture that simplifies life. The sofa beds are divided into two categories:

The benches, which include the sofa beds and BZ, and the sofas. The folded mattress is the very structure of the sofa, including the seat and back. The sofa bed (parallel to the wall) and the BZ (perpendicular to the wall) do not unfold in the same direction.

The sofa bed contains the mattress in the sill. It has an independent seat and back, separated from the mattress.


The sofa bed

The most common, the sofa bed is composed of a seat and a backrest separated from the mattress. We can notice that more and more people sleep on a sofa bed every day. The advantage is the space saving in a small apartment, convenient for students. The sofa bed is generally available in all colors and several materials.

It is advisable to take a sofa bed model that unfolds easily and whose cushions remain attached to the structure of the sofa. If you want to use your sofa bed regularly, we recommend a thickness of about 15 cm for the most optimal comfort.


The 3-fold sofa bed

Regarding the 3-fold sofa bed, we advise you to use it only occasionally. Its mattress is generally 6 cm thick and its density is low (around 30 kg / m3). The quality of the 3-fold sofa beds are less comfortable and you are not recommended to sleep on them frequently, you have a risk of giving yourself back pain and do not provide you with the same comfort as a standard sofa bed.


The meridian

The chaise longue is a sofa bed that is distinguished by a single armrest and an inclined backrest. Both vintage and trendy, it is making a comeback. It is a piece of furniture for resting and sleeping, its comfort being its main asset. It adapts to all spaces and can easily be invited into a large number of rooms (bedroom, living room, office and even garden). It is a very good alternative to the classic sofa bed.


The sofa bed

The sofa bed is a practical sofa bed for small spaces, it is ideal in a studio or a guest room. This sofa bed has a quick and easy system to change your bedding and convert it from sofa to bed. You just have to tilt the seat and move it forward to hear its mechanism make the "click" noise. By unfolding the sofa bed, the seat folds down, producing the "click" noise, that's where the name of the sofa bed comes from. Practical and generally available for small budgets, the sofa bed is very practical for small spaces.


The BZ

The particularity of the BZ sofa is that it unfolds like an accordion. We notice that once folded, his mattress takes the shape of a Z in 3 folds. The BZ is larger than the sofa bed when unfolded.


The futon bed

The term “futon bed” has emerged as a term for a bed as low as possible with a mattress as thin as possible. It combines the intention of sleeping as close to the ground as possible without going without a bed.


The trundle bed

The trundle bed can be used as a sofa bed, it is Ideal for small guest rooms, mezzanines or children's rooms, the trundle bed is obviously not lacking in advantages:

Practical and functional: if it can easily accommodate family or friends, its drawer can also be used as storage.

Offers a comfort similar to that of a classic bed: if its shape is different, it is equipped with mattresses that can be as qualitative as those of traditional bedding.

Adapts to all interior styles: modern, rustic, colorful, designer, the trundle bed can match all types of decoration and blend into your interior, whatever your tastes in the matter.


Choosing the best mattress for the sofa bed

1. The material of the mattress

The technology or suspension of a mattress corresponds to the heart of the latter. The materials used in the design of a mattress help support your body and your spine. Memory mattresses aren't always the best. There is no one technology superior to another, each one can be the most adapted to your needs, according to your expectations.


2. The choice of dimensions

The size of the mattress is decided based on your size and the space you have in your room. Before buying it, it is important to take the measurements of the space that will be devoted to it in the room. We advise you, for optimal comfort, to choose a minimum mattress 15 to 20 cm larger than the people who sleep there.


3. Morphology and support

Thickness is a major criterion for comfort. Firmness is related to the density of the mattress and helps you support your body while you sleep. As indicated in our guide on how to choose the firmness level of your mattress, you must choose it according to your morphology. The mattress should be neither too firm nor too soft in order to keep the spine straight and therefore avoid back pain.


The advantages of the sofa bed

Convertible benches suitable for all tastes

The sofa bed is suitable for many interior spaces. Sofa beds are most often available in neutral colors to suit any interior. However, there are many different fabrics, covers, sizes. Design, color or format, the sofa-bed easily adapts to your tastes and your interior decoration.

Most convertible sofas have a fabric cover that can be removed. The models are often the same size and it is therefore very easy to find a cover that you really like, in terms of colors or patterns. It can be used as a comfortable bed in the guest bedroom, in the living room or for continued use in the children's and youth bedroom. It is therefore possible for everyone to find furniture suited to their furnishing style.

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In a few easy steps, the simple sofa becomes a cozy and comfortable corner. Items such as pillows, throws or other accessories can enhance it visually and bring more comfort. Since it can be used as a complete replacement for a normal bed, it also saves space.

You do not need a separate bedroom for guests. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose between two and three seater sofas.

Trendy seating furniture becomes particularly flexible when you change the color of the cover. You can do this with covers of different patterns and materials to give relief to your sofa. This is a removable cover that can be easily washed if needed. If you feel like it, you can just replace it with a different color cover or a new design.

The convertible sofa also has other advantages. The double function of the sofa bed allows sleepers to save money. Indeed, this purchase saves you from buying a bed and a sofa. However, buying a sofa bed requires more investment than a conventional sofa. If you have a small living space, it is obvious that the choice of a sofa bed is possible. It has a double function, a sofa and a bed, so the space saving is important.


Ideal for small spaces and economical

Convertible sofas are essential when you are short of space.

For example, they allow very small rooms, such as student studios, to benefit from both a comfortable bed at night and a friendly space during the day, in the form of a bench. The sofa bed is also perfect for having, in a few seconds, an extra bed to offer to a passing guest. A convertible bench can be found in several formats: from the imposing corner sofa which hides a bed in its trunk, to the small sofa bed which does not take up any space.

The vast majority of sofa beds also have a safe or storage integrated into the base, to store duvets, sheets and pillows during the day. The daybed is a practical piece of furniture, which provides additional comfort if you have a small space. Slightly more expensive than a classic sofa, this piece of furniture is still very affordable.


Our selection of the best sofa beds

The incredible Tediber sofa bed

The incredible Tediber sofa bed allows 3 or 4 people to sit. Indeed, this convertible sofa measures 205 cm long, 85 cm deep and 75 cm high. When the sofa bed is in the closed position, it measures 205 x 85 x 75 cm.

When you unfold it, the convertible sofa is equivalent to a standard double mattress with its 138x196 cm bed. This mattress size allows a couple to sleep very comfortably and unhindered all night long.

The incredible sofa bed is available in 4 colors: blue, gray, cream and in a seasonal color: rust. The duvet hidden under the mattress measures 200x200 cm. The maintenance of the incredible sofa bed is very simple because it is completely removable. The cushion and mattress covers are machine washable at 30 ° C, on a delicate cycle.


Marbella cotton convertible sofa

best cotton convertible sofa with removable cover in Marbella 

This convertible sofa is made of 100% cotton fabric. The two back cushions have firm comfort, and its armrests are slim and flared. It is ideal for daily sleeping.

The transformation into bed position is very easy thanks to the training of the back and the seat when opening. The mattress is made of high resilience polyether foam with a thickness of 14 cm.


This sofa convertible into a Marbella bed is available in several colors and different sizes (2 or 3 places).


Rafael sofa bed


best sofa bed for 2 people gray fabrics 

This convertible sofa is a 3-seater convertible, it can accommodate your friends and family serenely. Its upholstery is in the fabrics and its 16 cm wooden feet bring a Scandinavian style to your home.

It offers a sleeping dimension of 188x109cm. Easily mountable and modular, you can transform it into a bed in the blink of an eye for a comfortable night's sleep.



Elbe black leather convertible sofa

best unfolded faux leather sofa bed

This convertible sofa bed is for 2 people. Its covering is in artificial leather (PU), it is a much cheaper alternative to the leather sofa. Plasticized, it is non-porous and easy to maintain.

The transformed into bed is simple, and gives a flat bed for 2 guests. It has a size of 193x89 cm. This convertible sofa in imitation leather seduces by its aesthetics which adapts to any interior, and also by its great resistance.


The minimalist sofa bed

best sofa bed in thick fabrics

This convertible sofa with a minimalist design gives lightness to your interior. It is ideal for small spaces and regular uses, its sleeping dimensions are 182x101 cm.

To turn it into a bed, all you have to do is lower the backrest. Unfolded in a jiffy, it's a contemporary sofa by day, which leaves room for an extra bed at night. The soft and resistant fabric warms your interior.



Our tips for buying a sofa bed

1. Color and style

The color and style of the sofa play an important role in the purchase decision. After all, the furniture should accompany you for a long time and optimally adapt to your interior. But there are other features that you should consider when purchasing.


2. Effortless conversion

The conversion of the sofa bed to be easy, fast and effortless. It is also important that you do not need too much strength for this. This is ideal if one person can do the transformation on their own.


If you want to buy a sofa bed in a store, you can try out how the conversion works.


3. High quality and good coating properties

If you want to use the sofa bed as a replacement for a bed and as a permanent sleeping place, the quality and nature of the mattress are important selection criteria. The sofa beds are optimized with an integrated slatted base.

The quality of the mattress and the structure you are going to aim for actually depends on your budget and the use of your future daybed.

If you want to place a convertible sofa in a corner of your office to occasionally accommodate a friend, an entry-level offer can completely satisfy you. On the contrary, if you plan to fold and unfold the day-bed every day, in order to sleep there every evening, you will have to take care to take a quality sofa.

Indeed, the folding system must be resistant over time for daily use. We advise you to look for sofa-beds that fold and unfold easily, in a few seconds, to facilitate its day-to-day use.

If the convertible bench is intended for daily use, in the form of a sofa or a bed, we urge you to be vigilant about the quality of the mattress. The first thing to take into account is its thickness. 6 centimeters are enough for an extra bed but it will need at least the double for it to be comfortable during daily use. If the mattress sags over time, it is possible to buy a new one while keeping the structure of the convertible bench.

The convertible sofa has many advantages: economical, it fits into any space, even the smallest. Many models exist today and offer different qualities, depending on the use you want.

When it comes to sleeping comfort, we recommend that you do not minimize the quality. Innerspring sofas are more suitable for permanent use.

In case of back problems, the decision should always be in favor of high-quality models. This helps prevent muscle tension and pain as soon as you wake up.


4. The correct sleeping height

Another relevant property is the sleeping height. There are sofa beds with a mattress a few inches above the floor.

Getting up is difficult due to the low height and therefore not suitable for the elderly. A lying or standing height of 45 to 50 cm is also advantageous for the sofa beds.


5. Measure the part in advance

To avoid a bad buy, we recommend that you measure the room in advance to verify the size of potential sofa beds. In small rooms especially, it is important that everything fits exactly and that there is still enough space, even when unfolded.


How comfortable is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed should look good and fit perfectly into your interior. However, it doesn't just have to meet visual demands. A comfort maximum is also essential.

If the sofa is used as an alternative to the bed as a permanent sleeping place, the right choice plays a decisive role. In versions with a folding backrest, there is usually a crack at the transition between the seat and the backrest or there is an uncomfortable edge.

This can be avoided with a sliding sofa. The high-end sofa beds also have a slatted base and mattress.

In everyday use, the furniture is subjected to a high double load, as it is used as a seat and a bed. For this reason, you should definitely prioritize high quality.

A sturdy frame is essential, as are the carefully crafted and firm seams. If you want to use the sofa as a bed replacement, the most important thing is comfort. With occasional use as a guest bed, the emphasis is on high seating comfort.


A sofa bed for whom?

There are many ways to use the sofa bed. We have summarized some for you.

The space available in the small one-room apartments is very limited. Since there is no separate bedroom here, the sofa bed is a practical replacement for a conventional bed.

The sofa bed for youth rooms is very popular. Although it provides space during the day to read on it or hang out with friends, it converts into a cozy and comfortable bed at night without much effort.

Is your apartment small, but you need a place to sleep for your guests? The sofa bed is then an elegant and flexible solution.

Alternatively, air mattresses are also a space saving measure. These are inexpensive and provide customers with a high level of sleeping comfort. You can find more information in our article.


What are the coverings for sofa beds?

The sofa bed is commercially available in many different designs. You can also choose from several options:

A sofa with coating leather or imitation leather is distinguished by its elegant look and classic. Thanks to their modern touch, microfiber covers, fabric sofas or velvet covers are very trendy. At the same time, they convey freshness.

Microfiber fabrics are materials that are not only very chic. They are also extremely durable and convince with an easy cleaning option if something goes wrong. The fabric, velvet and microfiber radiate comfort and warmth. However, microfiber tends to become static.

Then prefer natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton, for better breathability of your sofa bed. Certified labels exist to guarantee the ecological qualities of textiles, for example the OEKO-TEX® label.


Our conclusion

The purchase of a sofa bed is primarily seen as an investment for many years to come. Good maintenance is important to keep the sofa looking and comfortable for a long time.


Basically, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for regular cleaning. Sharp cleaners aren't just suitable for leather or synthetic leather sofas.

The area can be a rather rub soft, damp cloth. You can find high quality care products for (artificial) leather in specialist stores.

It can be used to remove stains or refresh the color or the like. The best way to remove dust from fabric covers (microfiber, velor, or woven fabric) is to use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush. Hitting softly is a currentless alternative.


Our selection of the best mattresses

However, sofa beds do not offer the best comfort. We advise you to discover the mattresses that meet your expectations and your needs. If you have back pain or disturbed sleep, the most effective thing will be to invest in quality bedding. We have selected the best mattresses for your health and comfort.

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