Best Electric Bed Comparison Guide (Review)


Best Electric Bed Comparison Guide (Review)

If you want to buy a quality electric bed with a good value for money, you are going to spend hours comparing the different makes and models available online. Indeed, there are so many options for electric box springs and relaxation beds online.

The electric bed offers real comfort, whether for single people, couples or the elderly. But this type of bed, like its mattress, is not chosen at random.

Best Electric Bed Comparison Guide (Review)

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 electric bed models available from different retailers to help you choose the best electric bed for your needs. You will find different models for all budgets. Discover the advantages of the electric bed and our advice on finding the best product.


What is an electric bed?

An electric bed, consisting essentially of an electric box spring, is a structure that you can modify freely, without effort, thanks to a remote control. You can tilt various separate parts of your bed depending on the number of motors you choose, including head, shoulders, thighs, and feet. Also called "TPR bed" for the term "head and feet lift", this type of bed is ideal for a person who has difficulty settling in, or who the lying position no longer suits him.


The advantages of the electric box spring

The electric box spring has many advantages for the sleeper, and in particular for the elderly. It will initially be perfect for people with reduced mobility or having difficulty getting into bed and getting up, due to chronic pain. This type of installation can relieve back pain thanks to an ideal position of the bed to keep the curves of the back as natural as possible. Pressure points are relieved, and relaxation is immediate.

The remote control has the advantage of adjusting the bed correctly once installed. You can raise it to lie down, and then adjust the ideal posture for sleeping. The ability to change the position bed has many other health benefits in addition to relieving back pain. At first, by raising the top of the structure, you can avoid snoring since the airways will be clear, but also relieve gastric reflux. In addition, blood circulation is improved: the elevation of the different parts of your body will relieve your heart, which will no longer need to work double to supply all your limbs with blood.


Our selection of the best electric beds

We've compared and tried out several electric beds to bring you the best products available online. Here are our top 9 best electric beds:


1. The Bultex articulated electric bed

Bultex articulated electric bed

The Bultex relaxation set is available in size 2 x 80 x 200 cm. It includes an ergonomic electric box spring as well as a quality Bultex mattress. The whole is of French manufacture.

The Bultex mattress is a Bultex nano foam mattress. The Bultex nano technology developed by point adapts to the anatomy of each and provides support precision. In addition, it is comfortable and durable. The mattress has good breathability and has good air circulation.

The material is pleasant and light. The Bultex mattress has a slightly flexible reception thanks to its 100% Bultex nano high density core of 33 kg / m3. The total thickness of the mattress is 19 cm, of which 15 cm thick is Bultex Nano foam.


bultex electric bed

The Bultex mattress of this electric bed is reversible and includes two sleeping surfaces in hypoallergenic fibers. Its ticking is in 100% polyester stretch fabric. Finally, it is a very good allergy mattress. Indeed, it has an antibacterial and anti-mite treatment.

The electric relaxation base of this Bultex set includes 5 articulated sleeping surfaces at shoulder level thanks to three-dimensional studs; as well as at the level of the pelvis thanks to its adjustable comfort. There are therefore a total of 7 comfort zones.

At the level of the suspension, there are anthracite-colored tri-slat ball joints as well as a 13.5 cm MDF body. There are also two metal sleepers. For the motorization, the Bultex set includes a 2 x 4500 Newton motor and an electrical transformer and a battery for lowering back-up. A six-button wired remote control is included; just like a set of four legs, two side stops and a pairing kit.

This set is really complete. In addition, this electric bed has a good warranty. Indeed, the mattress is guaranteed for 5 years and the motor for 2 years. In our opinion, this is an excellent high-end electric bed that deserves the price. It is, of course, a great investment, but one that you are unlikely to regret. The French brand Bultex needs no introduction, it has a very good reputation and offers excellent mattresses. Regarding delivery, you can have your electric bed delivered by appointment with the dealer of your choice.


2. Cosmo Epeda spring relaxation set

The Cosmo Springs relaxation set by EPEDA is made up of a mattress of 348 pocket springs (80 x 200 cm) and a box spring with an electric motor with a power of 2x4500 Newtons.

The mattress has reversible faces in hypoallergenic fibers. The summer side is made of white wool and the winter side of linen. Its ticking is in 100% polyester stretch. It has an anti-mite and antibacterial treatment. It is therefore a good anti-allergy mattress.

The EPEDA mattress of this electric bed has a thickness of 19 cm and a firm support. His welcome is quite invigorating. By sleeping on the Cosmo mattress, your body will be well supported thanks to its support zones in the pelvis and shoulders.

Electric relaxation beds Cosmo Epeda springs

In addition, the natural materials used make it possible to maintain the cosmo at the ideal temperature during the night.

The EPEDA electric relaxation base is 19 cm thick. It includes 5 sleeping surfaces, which offers customizable comfort thanks to the adjustable zones at the shoulders and lumbar pelvis. It is an electric slatted base; it includes 22 black plywood slats of 200 cm. The shoulder area consists of 2 x 5 studs with adjustable firmness sliders and the adjustable pelvis-lumbar area consists of 4 x 2 slats with 8 adjustable firmness sliders.

To offer more solidity, this electric bed includes double TPEE ball joints, metal reinforcing cross members, 1 foot stopper and 2 screwed metal side stops. The electric motor has a power of 2 x 4500 newtons which has low energy consumption. It is also fitted with an electronic transformer and is equipped with a 9V emergency lowering battery. Finally, this electric bed includes a radio frequency remote control with six buttons.

The EPEDA electric bed has a 7-year warranty; and its 2 year old engine. This is a very good electric bed with very good value for money. Indeed, it is found in the mid-range. In addition, it is possible to pay it in 4 installments free of charge on the Matelsom site.


3. Nuevo Merino latex relaxation set

The Nuevo Merino relaxation set is made up of 2 latex mattresses and 2 box springs (80x200 cm). Equipped with metal reinforcing crossbars, the rigid bed base can be joined to the 2-sided mattress which will provide you with homogeneity of comfort and better stability. Comfort is adjustable with 3 degrees of firmness. In addition, it has 5 articulated sleeping surfaces.

The MERINOS Nuevo latex mattress is composed of a 12 cm mattress core in 100% latex, 20% of which is natural latex. Its density is very good, in fact, it is 77 kg / m3. The mattress has the particularity of having two sleeping faces. The winter side is in wool and the summer side in cotton. They are both hypoallergenic.


Best Nuevo Merino latex electric relaxation bed

Finally, its countil is made of polyester and is treated against dust mites and antibacterials.

The Nuevo Merinos box spring is 16 cm high and includes a basin area with adjustable firmness as well as a shoulder area with TPEE studs. This allows for adjustable comfort with three degrees of firmness. The suspension is made up of 11 anthracite-colored bi-slats.

This electric bed base includes a reinforcing metal cross member, overflowing SBS twin-slat ball joints, a 2 x 4000 Newton motorization as well as an electronic transformer. The set also has a wired six-button remote, a set of 4 feet, and a pairing kit.

Finally, the Nuevo de Mérinos electric bed is guaranteed for 7 years; and its engine for 2 years. This is an excellent electric double bed. At quelmatelas.fr, it is one of our favorite electric beds.


4. OEKOSOM latex electric bed

The OEKOSOM electric bed is a customizable relaxation set with a very good value for money. Indeed, this one costs less than 1,500 € in dimension 2 x 80 x 200 cm, which is very cheap! Despite this fairly low price for an electric bed, the OEKOSOM relaxation set is made of quality materials.

The OEKOSOM mattress is 100% latex and has a total thickness of 14 cm. Its core is composed of latex of density 78 kg / m3 with a thickness of 10 cm as well as a sheet of polyurethane foam of 2 cm. Finally, its ticking is in quilted wadding on both sides of 300 gr / m2. It is a firm mattress with a soft welcome.

The OEKOSOM electric bed base is an electric box spring. It has a thickness of 14 cm. Its structure is in solid spruce covered with 42% polyester and 58% cotton ticking.

It includes 52 plywood slats and 6 counter slats. It is also composed of an electric motor with an automatic reset. This is guaranteed for 2 years.

The OEKOSOM electric bed is adjustable. It is possible to modify the firmness of the seat area using 6 sliders and 3 counter slats. The kinelatic 5 articulation planes allows you to adopt the most varied positions according to your needs. All thanks to a wired remote control. Finally, this electric bed is guaranteed for 5 years.

For an entry-level price, the quality exceeds mid-range electric beds. It's a very good deal, we appreciated its autonomic support and its handles and lateral support stops, which allow the mattress to be properly maintained on the electric box spring.


The dimensions of the electric bed

Obviously, the purchase of an electric bed does not oblige us to choose one or more precise dimensions. It is possible to find mostly double beds of 140x190 cm or 140x200 cm, but also other sizes, such as single beds, queen size , and even king size  !

Although the size of the frame and the size of the mattress inevitably affect the price of your bed , it is quite possible to opt for an electric bed with a single mattress if you prefer to sleep alone, or king size if you have need space or like the great outdoors. When you move towards a double bed, two electric box springs and two mattresses are required. You can thus adjust your elevations differently from those of your spouse. Here are some examples of possible dimensions:


  • 90x190 cm for one person;
  • 120x190 cm for one person;
  • 140x190 cm for one person;
  • Two 70x190 cm mattresses for two people;
  • Two 90x190 cm mattresses for two people.

Should you buy an electric bed?

If you want to switch from classic bedding to electric bedding, discover the advantages of the electric bed :



The electric bed is known to offer very good comfort. And his reputation is deserved. Indeed, thanks to its electric base, you can decide the position in which you want to sleep. In addition, you can adjust the firmness of the slats.


Reduce back pain

The electric bed is a great alternative if you suffer from back pain. Combined with an orthopedic mattress, the relaxation bed allows you to adjust its position to limit pain. You can also move from a lying down to sitting position gradually. This will make it easier for you to lie down or get up. Which is suitable for people with disabilities or for the elderly.

Improve the quality of your breathing at night

The electric bed helps improve the quality of your breathing at night if you have asthma or sleep apnea. If you are ill; if you have a cold or bronchitis for example, the electric bed will allow you to sit up slightly at night, and therefore improve your breathing. You will therefore be able to sleep better and have a restful night.


Good sleeping independence

If you sleep as a couple, the electric double bed is made up of two separate box springs and two separate mattresses. You can therefore use your remote control to adjust the firmness of the slats and the height of your electric bed base; independently. Sleeping independence is therefore excellent. You are not likely to feel your partner's movements at night.

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